Open Door Baptist Church



"A Church with a heart for the Saviour, a hope for sinners, and a help for saints."


Nathan Hammill has served as pastor of Open Door Baptist Church since September of 2009.  Prior to this, he was involved in full-time evangelism, helping with tent revivals in different states in the southeast.  Feeling that God had placed the calling of a pastor on his life, he began to pray for the Lord to lead him in the right direction.

Since accepting the pastorate at ODBC, he has encouraged a new emphasis on church ministries such as youth outreach, Sunday School, and missions.  We are excited to see how far the Lord will take us as long as we keep our hearts open and are willing to do as he leads.

Pastor Hammill married his wife, Lisa, in August of 2000.  They have been blessed with two boys, Patrick and Colson, and a girl, Jessie.  Their prayer as a family is to always be in the center of God's will and for their children to grow up and fall in love with Christ.